Surprised by Gifts!

It was a first for a Women's Ministries activity, contributing, wrapping, and sending Christmas gifts to our women missionaries. Did they like them? Were they surprised? Check out short excerpts from some of the thank-you notes received:

"...thank you all for the surprises you sent!! What a surprise it was. So many wonderful gifts.... I felt like a little girl again on Christmas day.”
– Lori Brown

"What a huge surprise to receive a care package from you! Thank you so much for remembering me...blessing me.”
– LaVonne Westlund

"Thank you very much for the beautiful and delicate gifts. Your words of encouragement and support mean a lot to me. God shows me His love through you.”
– Morelia Gonzalez

"Your special gift arrived on the day when I needed to experience the closeness of our Lord Jesus. He was using you ladies... (It) always amazes me how God is working and how He takes care of His children."
– Annamarie Dobos