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Christmas Gathering ‑ The King Has Come!

The sights and sounds of WEBC's Christmas Gathering is something the women of WEBC and many of their friends look forward to every December. It's where the music of Christmas gets into their minds and the reason for Christmas gets into their hearts. It was no less true this year as the Christmas decor delighted the eye and the Community High School Honors A Cappella Chamber Choir warmed the heart, rendering songs in a beautiful and captivating way, songs of Jesus Christ's birth from the mouths of young high school students!

It was delicious food, as always, from the skillful spoon of David LaPlaca, even desserts displayed in moving model railroad cars winding along a small track.

Then Becky Tisch told us of digging in her heels when her husband decided they should attend church, and of the wall she built against the sermons. But, undaunted, her husband, whom she calls "Dean the Dream", first dragged her to talk with their pastor's wife and then to a Bible study at Scott and Sue's home. There Christ, the King, captured her heart through studying the Word. She told of women in the Bible in whom God also worked, then addressed us, the women at the Gathering. The King had come to Becky Tisch - and to us. Had we received Him??