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A Merry Christmas Gathering

Amidst the hubbub of Christmas celebrations, Michelle Lesley reminded the ladies at the Christmas Gathering of the need to Ponder the Promise that God has given us in Christ.

Prior to her words of encouragement, we were treated to a splendid evening of merriment. Welcoming us into the evening was the top-rated fruit punch, giddy conversation, pleasant smiles, dainty dazzling decorations, and the peaceful serene melody of Noah playing the piano. Our dinner, which was extravagantly arranged in the south wing, tasted superb. While eating, several striking men stood poised and ready to meet our every need.

After they meticulously cleared our plates, we were treated to a jubilant performance by the distinguished and always classy West Chicago High School Honors A Cappella Chamber Choir.

Finally, Michelle took the stage and walked us through a few of the promises we have in the Bible. God has promised us forgiveness of sin through Christ, He has promised to walk with us through trials, and – our favorite – He has promised us joy! It was truly a glamorous evening.
Ellie Belle and Lauren