Sunday Kids' Classes

Nursery: Care givers are Shari, Chris, Jean*, Tiffany. Helpers: Loraleigh, Shannon, Sarah, Jacob Hernandez* (All rotate.) Sub: Gabe

MiniVenture (Two years – Kindergarten): Barbara, leader-teacher; Hope, teacher; helpers are one of the rotating nursery staff.

KidVenture (1st – 5th grades): Joan, leader-teacher; Barbara, Lauren. Helpers: Cristina, Kathy*, Tracy, Scott (All rotate.)

* Not shown

In the nursery, babies and the very young learn they can have a good time, even when their parents are not near. They experience fun with other little ones, while receiving gentle and loving care meeting their physical and emotional needs as their families attend services and adult classes.

Barbara says, "Our sweet little MiniVenture kids come in during the worship service and have a fun time of play in the Nursery area until around 10:00 a.m. After we all help clean up, we go into the adjacent back room and share the Bible story for that day, then watch a cute little video that reinforces the story. Our curriculum is The Gospel Project and we are currently going through the New Testament. We then have a fun time of coloring an activity page that correlates to the story. Snack time is next. That of course we are all excited about, especially the fruit snacks! It is such a blessing for all of us to teach these dear little ones about the love of Jesus!! Yes, little ones can learn simple Bible truths."

Joan tells us, "In KidVenture this year, we also are using the Gospel Project for our curriculum. With age-related lessons, it is a chronological approach that allows kids to see how Christ fits into the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation, over a three year period. A typical session includes the use of the Bible story presentation, memory work, worksheets and games. We are thankful for a staff of three teachers and three helpers." - Joan