Your Home for the Homeless?

No, not the usual homelessness, but children who are being cared for in a temporary foster home, while their hearts yearn for a forever family. Barbara Hellmer, ECFA Adoption Program Supervisor, and Joyanna Dreisbach, Adoption Counsellor, told the ladies present at the April Women’s Ministries meeting about children just like that, waiting for someone to want them. Mostly school-age or siblings wanting to stay together, these children are not readily adopted. Yes, from time to time babies are available, but the great need is a loving home for these older kids. In fact, ECFA is sponsoring an Orphan Hosting Program that will occur this summer. You can open your home from July 12 to August 2, 2017 (tentatively) and enjoy time with a child from the Philippines who is seeking a forever family. Interested? For information on adoption or orphan hosting, contact Barb at 630‑653‑6400 or email

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