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High Tea

It had been a busy week with late nights and I was in no shape to go to the High Tea. I asked the Lord to feel better and direct my footsteps. I dressed, grabbed my dessert, walked out my door, then into the church and out of the rain right at 3 p.m. and there was the Sunshine! The ladies - mothers and daughters, sisters and friends - brightened up the room with their fancy dresses and hats. On the wall was garden fencing with more beautiful hats. Then there was a train of appetizers and finger sandwiches by ladies behind the scenes. We picked a tea cup to keep and sat down at spring-decorated tables, I with two lovely ladies and a young daughter; such a joy to get better acquainted with them. Bruce and Pat served us like our own butlers even bringing us wonderful desserts. They did a fabulous job!

We had a presentation on “Hope” about Ruth and Naomi and their special relationship as mother and daughter-in-law, how God drew them together to fulfill His providential plan formed long ago. Ruth would meet Boaz and continue the line of Jesus. Then a video of Mary and Joseph struggling to find a place to deliver the Son of God, with “Mary’s Song” by Amy Grant like I’ve never heard before. It reminded us once again of God’s amazing grace and His providential plan for us as He had for Naomi and Ruth as they suffered many dark days. Mary and Joseph suffered many dark days. If we are His people, we too will suffer many dark days but we have hope! Not a wishful hope but a hope that is certain, a hope that is secure. Jesus is our Hope, He is Hope. I was so thankful that God gave me the strength to be there and be reminded that He is always working behind the scenes even when we don’t see it. For in the storms of life there is sunshine. I was truly blessed and encouraged. Thanks to Lucy and her team. – Stacia